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The quality of  fabrics is gradually formed in various steps during its manufacture, from primitive fibers to final finished fabrics, covering yarn production, greige fabric weaving, dyeing/printing processing, mechanical and chemical finishing. During the complex processes, we have developed and utilized a complete quality management system.

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①Manufacture and Examination on greige fabrics

greige control

②Controlling of color proofing, communication within various departments including operation, quality and R&D should be done before bulk production, especially trial order in first time production.

color control

Our technician will conduct internal tests on the bulk production samples according to ISO standards. We have modern laboratory and test equipment, and use them to test following parameters:Shrinkage Rate、Color fastness to washing, dry and wet rubbing、Tear strength、Tensile strength、Light fastness、Formaldehyde content、Azo content、And other special finishing tests, includingCool, breathable, adjustable temperature

texts of fabric

⑤For finished product inspection, quality control (QC) team adopts ten-point inspection method with the random inspection on 10% of total lots, which is similar to American four-point inspection method. Our quality control inspectors will assign a certain number of points on the defect according to its different types and sizes. Ultimately we calculate the total points of each roll, meanwhile make a statistic and conclusion about its quality.

Finished product inspection

Protection of finished products. During storage and transportation, fabric rolls must be tightly packed and protected to prevent moisture or contamination.

Product packaging