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What are 70% cotton 30% polyester single jersey




What are 70% cotton 30% polyester single jersey? Single jersey knitting 70% cotton 30% polyester ingredients there are generally two kinds of structure.Is a kind of CVC yarn blended single jersey, this kind of cloth is made of CVC 70/30 reply yarn weaving. As we often say cotton polyester blended single jersey.Another 70% cotton 30% polyester cotton single jersey is cover silk woven fabric, also known as cotton polyester woven fabric. Usually this kind of widely used single jersey.

Polyester cotton cover is a kind of knit fabric weaving method, polyester woven fabric of cotton cover refers to a single plain with plain weaving fabrics, its surface is combed cotton, bottom is polyester yarn. This is when the fabric weaving method, the cotton cover on the chemical fiber such as polyester, polyamide fiber, single jersey fabric so it is of the different components on both sides. The front, the composition of cotton, opposite for the polyester composition. General 32 s + 75 d , 20 s+ 100 d matching silk woven cotton cover single jersey is 70% cotton 30% polyester fabric.

The characteristics of the knitting 70% cotton 30% polyester fabric, is smooth, crisp fabric, wearing comfortable, good abrasion resistance. If the fabric finishing, the moisture absorption perspiration fabric is hygroscopic fast guide wet, dry and not sticky, ms for sportswear, male T-shirt, casual wear, etc. Cotton cover silk woven fabric after hydrophilic finishing, has good moisture absorption, guide wet function, adidas, Nike and other fashion sports brand is often use this kind of fabric, is to use the quick moisture absorption the characteristics of the wet, can make the body sweat rapid export to the surface of fabric, and keep the skin dry and at the same time.

Post time: May-12-2020

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