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COMPANY BRIEF Shaoxing Shinen Textile Co.,Ltd. is built in 2012 and Iocated in Keqiao,Shaoxing. Shinen textile is based on own knitting manufacturer,which produces 22,035,000kg per year. Factory address is in Huashe Industrial Park, Keqiao, Shaoxing. Greige has been selt to all over China during 15 years. Ponte Roma, Scuba, Jacquard, Jeresy, Suede etc is our strong products. We are good at controlling better shrinkage. For example, NR ponte roma fabric, our best shrinkage can be guaranteed within +/-3%. This is all based on long time experience for knitting greige and dyeing. Welcome to Shinen textile.

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Біздің өнімдер немесе баға туралы сұраулары үшін, бізге сіздің электрондық пошта өтінеміз шығыңыз және біз 24 сағат ішінде байланыста болады.

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